Memorial Day Parade


All Day

Event Type

Class A Required

ASM Lead – TBA


This parade is hosted by American Legion Post 690.  Below you will find the guidelines set forth by Post 690.

All Participants:
·          The assembly  area is on Eric Drive and Cornell Avenue, just east of the Post  Office.
·          The parade  kicks off at 10:15.  Please be there at 9:15.
·          No handing out  of candy or other items during this parade, as we try to keep it a bit on the  solemn side.
·          Parade route  is – from Cornell, north on Smith, east on Robertson, south on Brockway and east  on Wood St. to the Veterans      Memorial in Community Park on Wood St at NW  Hwy.
·          The Memorial  Day program in Community Park will begin at 11:00 and end at about 11:45  A.M.
·          Persons  picking up parade participants can park in the lots at the Community Center  or in Community Park