07/10/2015 - 07/12/2015    
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Loves Park Scuba
7307 N. Alpine Road, Loves Park, Illinois, 61111

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Below are links to several documents with important information regarding the SCUBA Certification High Adventure scheduled for July 10-12 and the September one day (date pending) Fun Dive outing. Please read these carefully. Due to the nature of this sport it is VERY important that you are medically and physically capable to dive. To begin,

  1. Open and read the Open Water SCUBA Certification High Adventure Participant Requirements. If you currently meet these requirements or soon will and you are still interested in going great! You are ready to move to the next step.
  2. Open and print the attachment labeled “Liability Release”. Print, read and fill out this form to the best of your ability. You will need to have this with you when I interview you regarding your participation. ALL PARTICIPANTS whether Open Water Diver Students or SCUBA Review Students will need to have this form filled out completely.
  3. Have an interview with Mr. Jackson regarding your ability to participate. IF you are asked not to participate this year please understand that it is your safety that I am most interested in and not because I want to be mean. IF you have been approved to participate see the next step.
  4.  All participants need to have a completed BSA Medical form on file with us. You will need to have Parts A and B which are standard and Part C which is a physical exam required for High Adventure Activities. Still with me? Great!
  5. Payments. The outfitter has requested a down payment to hold the date for us. The date for this down payment is noted in the OW Certification explanation you looked at earlier. Please make sure that your down payment is turned in before the due date. All other payments need to be made on the dates outlined.
  6. SCUBA Review participants, the fee for you is not as defined as it varies as to your needs for equipment, time of arrival/departure and number of days you want to participate. We will cover these points during your interview.
  7. I have been asked if siblings can participate in this adventure. The answer is, at this time, yes as long as they can meet the age, behavior and physical requirements that I have laid out and they have a parent participating with them on the outing. They too will need to interview with me. Participants accompanying us on this outing who are not registered with the BSA as a youth or adult member will not be covered by BSA Insurance. Any mishaps will be “on them” as far as insurance and liability is concerned. While they will be taking the same class as the scouts they are not considered as part of our group and there for we except no responsibility for their well being during this outing.

Please look at the attachments and if you are interested in learning how to SCUBA Dive or reacquainting yourself with this “other world” sport let me know so we can schedule an interview with Mr. Jackson.

Document Links: