Warren Dunes Family Camp Out


05/15/2015 - 05/17/2015    
All Day


Warren Dunes State Park
12032 Red Arrow Highway, Lake Charter Township, MI

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USo, you want to camp like a Boy Scout! This is your chance! Troop 188 is going to Warren Dunes State Park and family members can go too! We have arranged for 4 sites in the “semi modern” camp ground. For reference purposes these are sites 20-23. This will accommodate 24 people. Cost will be $30.00 per camper (scout, parent or a parent and a sibling) at these sites. This includes a place to sleep, all meals and all the scout experience you could ever want ei. Youth talking in their tents until wee hours in the morning, adult snoring, chaos and confusion.  This is an ideal location for a parent or parent and sibling who would like to accompany their scout on an outing. Parking is limited at the Troop site so you will be carpooling with the troop, just like your son! Siblings of scouts are welcome to attend but they need to be accompanied by a parent. As space is limited at the Troop site preference will be given to scouts and needed adult leaders not with their families.

But wait! You say you want to bring the entire family? Uncle Herman and Cousin It are looking monstrous because they haven’t been outdoors in a lifetime? Fear not! Sites are available in the “semi modern” camp ground or in the “modern” camp ground. That means you can bring your camper if you wish or tent it, or whatever you desire. Cost of the site and your food is on you. We would however like you to participate in the Saturday night pot luck and camp fire at the Troop site. Open sites do fill up fast so if you want to reserve one do so quickly. Reservations for camp sites can be accomplished online. Sharing a site with another family is possible, ask around the troop and see who is interested in going but perhaps has only two or three family members camping. Sharing a site with someone could be an option for you. We do want your scout to camp with the troop so he will need to pay the $30.00. Ample visitation and interaction with him will be available.

The family Camp out looks like it will be a great outing so sign up now!

UPDATE!!!  Scouts should bring clothing suitable for the weather. Long pants are preferred, hiking boots or good athletic shoes with socks, NO SANDALS OR FLOP FLOPS! Class A Uniform for Travel (neckerchief not required), Class B T-Shirt or similar for in camp wear, rain gear, jackets and hats (it still gets cold at night), pajamas, long sleeved shirt(s), sweet shirt, Water bottles (2), small back pack (school book bag works fine), mess kit consisting of a plate, bowl, cup, and silver wear. Personal First Aid Kit (these should be assembled per the instructions for requirement for Second Class Scout), flash light, pocket knife (those scouts who have not earned their Totin’ chit please turn it in to the outing leader at CLC before departure). For those wanting to slide down the dunes please bring a piece of card board for them to use as a sled. They will need to carry it for about a mile so choose the size wisely!  Also bring a warm sleeping bag, pillow, extra blanket and a sleeping pad. Tents, cooking equipment, and program materials will be supplied.


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